Glass Treatment

For the best visibility all year round.

SupaVision Glass Treatment

Supagard SupaVision utilises new glass bond technology to provide an
optically clear, non-stick coating for unbeatable visibility in all conditions.
When professionally applied to your vehicle’s windscreen or side and rear
windows, it will dramatically improve both day and night visibility while
driving in rain, sleet or snow.

SupaVision bonds to your screen forming a protective repellent barrier
that last for months, - rain beads up and rolls off, the glass is easier to
clean and keeps clean for longer so you can see clearly and drive safely
all year round.

Untreated Glass

Untreated Glass

If left untreated, visibility can be reduced due to water sheeting on the surface of the glass.

SupaVision Treatment Applied

Road film which isn’t easily removed has build up on the surface of the glass reducing visibility even further.

SupaVision in Acion

SupaVision Benefits

We've traded half of the windscreen of this vehicle to show you the difference SupaVision makes. 

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